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Kanzaman, based in Europe, an active member of the producers associations and film academies in Spain, France and Monaco, guarantees top quality audiovisual content for the international marketplace. Kanzaman maximizes production value, sources european national and regional soft monies and provides a solid base for equity investments in productions and co-productions. Kanzaman has worked with the main international completion bond companies, earning an impeccable reputation of quality and efficiency.


Kanzaman is currently developing and producing its own slate of projects. Kanzaman can also board audiovisual projects as creative and/or financial co-producer in order to maximize value and sources of funds of the benefit of other financiers and partners involved. Proficients in structuring co-productions and working with local authorities to obtain approval of european nationality for each territory.

Production Services

Completion bond approved, impeccable reputation of quality and efficiency and experience in filmmaking, Kanzaman has been the chosen partner by international independent and studio productions shooting in Spain, France, Monaco and Morocco.


Kanzaman is a key partner for shooting high end commercials for the best international directors, producers, creative agencies and clients, planning and executing fast and hassle free shoots in Monaco, Spain, France and Morocco.


Kanzaman innovates and extends services to event productions and almost anything imaginable, complementary to its line of business on a case by case basis.

Denise O'Dell

Producer Denise O'Dell was born in the U.K.  She started an early career in film and travelled extensively finally setting in Spain, the favorite filming location for international productions at the time. Following years of line producing for top independent and studio pictures, she set up production companies in Monaco, Spain, and France to produce and co-produce.

Today, Denise continues to drive Kanzaman, focusing on slate development and production structuring. She speaks three languages and is member of the "Academia de las Artes y las Ciencias Cinematográficas de España", "Bafta" in the U.K. and a Media Plus course evaluator since 2008.

Frédéric Bovis
President productions france & monaco

Born in Zurich, son of a military doctor, his childhood was spent in New Caledonia, Tahiti, and Africa. On the family return to France, he worked as a trainee on the production of "The Return of the Pink panther". Ten years later he was the production manager of "Son of the Pink Panther". Co-founder of Kanzaman Monaco in 1993, and Kanzaman France in 2006, Frédéric is in charge of the productions. He has written two books: "La Trace" ,"Le Signe de l'Archange" and "Suaire" and one script: Air Guitar.


Mark Albela
CEO Spain

In 1986, having decided to pursue an university degree in drilling engineering in Houston, Texas, he is offered work as production runner on Steven Spielberg's "Empire of the Sun". The originally short experience turns into a year's work, after which he decides to accept an offer for another Steven Spielberg feature, "Indiana Jones and the last Cursade". After this he shifts his efforts from engineering to focus on a professional career in entertainment. For six years he works on over 20 features and many more commercials, until 1994 when he is invited by Denise O'Dell to set up Madrid based Kanzaman S.A. Following his feature production debut, he is named md of the company, focusing his efforts on co-producing mid to large budget features to include "Sexy Beast", "Sahara", "Kingdom of Heaven", Basic Instinct 2" amongst many other titles. In 2006 came the incursion into the french territory with Kanzaman France in order to develop, produce and coproduce in the territory.Married and with two daugthers, he lives in Madrid, Spain.

Denis Pedregosa
President productions spain

Denis Pedregosa was born in London in 1977, altough he has always lived in Madrid. He went to School in Oxford and then on to Loughborough University to obtain a ba (hons) degree in European Business. Specializing in UK and french business, he successfully completed the Erasmus programme working with Amadeus Marketing in Nice for a year. He graduated in 1999, going on to work for General Electric in Madrid as e-business consultant. In 2002, he left g.e. To pursue a career in film at Kanzaman, firstly as head of business affairs and then in his current position as VP of production. He has been involved in films such as "Hamilton", My Life in Ruins", "Greenzone", "The bourne Ultimatum" and "Goya's Ghosts".

Lucette Legot
CEO France

Lucette Legot, trilingual (english, spanish) left her native Normandy contracted by Club Med as a financial manager for 12 years in different countries. Fate brought her to the Western Sahara where she met her first film crew, with Warren Beatty and Dustin Hoffman. Seduced by the industry, Lucette decided to change direction. Thanks to Denise O'dell, her first film was "James Bond: The Living Daylights", in Morocco. Co-founder of Kanzaman Monaco in 1993 and Kanzaman France in 2006, she is the CEO and producer of Kanzaman France.

Kanzaman produces and co-produces top quality entertainment for audiences worldwide. Kanzaman provides full production services for international productions wanting to shoot
in Spain, France, Monaco and Morocco.
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